• City tours and country jaunts - it's all here.
  • A relaxed atmosphere and an excellent location: Our Youth Hostel is an ideal base for those who've come to discover the city and explore the surrounding region - and for a fantastic holiday! Close to the city and yet away from the hustle and bustle, our Hostel is located just to the north of the beautiful city centre, which you can reach on foot in some 15 minutes. If you cycle in the opposite direction, you'll soon come upon the "Zwischenahner Meer", which is popular with surfers. Kick things off with a stroll through the vibrant university city, taking in its many attractions. And then, it's up to you: The green expanse of the Ammerland or perhaps an excursion to Holland or nearby Bremen? One thing's for sure: Here there's something for everyone!
  • Our top tips for your short break
  • A city where counts once ruled and a formal ducal capital, today Oldenburg has lost none of its original charm. You can feel it at every turn as you explore the streets and little alleyways of the old town. As a veritable metropolis for the surrounding region, Oldenburg is packed with exciting attractions:
  • From paintings to the hall of mirrors and historical landscapes: The State Museum of Art and Cultural History presents the Oldenburger Land in all its facets, from the Middle Ages right up to the 20th century.
  • With its five distinctive towers, St. Lamberti Church stands at Oldenburg's Markplatz. Be utterly impressed by the rotunda inside, which is modelled on a Roman pantheon.
  • Admire superb graphic prints and learn all about the life and works of the artist Horst Janssen.
  • In Oldenburg, they do like to go to the theatre - why not join them? The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater has no less than 4 venues - with around 30 premieres annually.
  • Enjoy looking at the Degodehaus at the Markplatz - an impressive half-timbered house with a pointed gable, dating back to 1502.
  • Drop by and "listen in" at Oldenburg's Hörgarten ("Listening Garden"). Exciting interactive experiments introduce you to the fascinating world of acoustics and hearing.
  • Visit Oldenburg's Renaissance castle. The castle, which was built on the foundations of a medieval water castle and is light yellow in colour, is absolutely radiant.
  • Charming city with plenty of flair
  • Enjoy the vibrant and yet relaxed atmosphere of this city on the river Hunte: Explore the city's core, with its castle, the theatre, the university, lots of shops, bars, cafés and the extensive park areas. Art lovers simply must visit the Horst Janssen Museum - the only one in the world. In fact, all of the city's museums have an excellent reputation - as do the state theatre, the "Kulturetage" festival, numerous galleries, the "PFL cultural centre" and the Oldenburger "Summer of Culture", which is packed with attractions. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle, why not visit this former count's residence when one of the markets is being held: Easter and pottery markets, a wine festival, the Kramermarkt and the Christmas market, which draw visitors from far and wide.
  • Lush green surroundings, colourful hustle and bustle
  • Day trippers will find destinations for all tastes: The East Frisian coast and Holland are close, and Bremen is just a stone's throw away. In between is the delightful Ammerland - and in the heart of this holiday region you'll find a shimmering blue pearl: The "Zwischenahner Meer". It's one of northern Germany's most attractive sailing and surfing destinations, and surrounded by enchanting parkland. The region around Oldenburg is flat and perfect for cyclists - clearly signposted paths will take you and your two wheels all the way into the city centre.
  • Activity programmes at Oldenburg Youth Hostel
  • We offer a wide range of activity programmes - for families, school classes, children and youths, groups and those travelling alone. Alternatively, use our modular programmes and create your very own itinerary for your stay. You can look forward to an action-packed trip!
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